37.8 MWp solar farm at Crundale, Pembrokeshire comes online

On 12th September 2014 the 37.8 MWp Crundale Solar Farm in Pembrokeshire began to generate renewable energy. Construction of the project was completed in only eight weeks. The project is a joint development between ib vogt GmbH and Solafields Ltd. and is currently one of the largest operating solar farms in the UK.

Berlin/ Newhaven, 30/09/2014: The 37.8 MWp solar farm at Crundale was connected to the grid on 12th September 2014 as scheduled. It is currently one of the largest UK solar farms in operation, with 147,672 modules producing over 38 GWh of clean, environmentally friendly electricity per annum, enough to power more than 11,000 UK homes and save 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per annum. The solar farm project has been purchased by institutional investors. It was jointly developed by Solafields and ib vogt GmbH, with vogt solar Ltd also acting as EPC. The construction finance was provided in part by ib vogt and in part by the investors. Since 2011, ib vogt and vogt solar have constructed and financed over 20 solar farms in the UK with a total capacity of over 220 MWp. Solafields and vogt are jointly developing a portfolio of over 100MWp in the UK. All projects have been built to a very high standard and commissioned on time and budget. In the UK, the company carries out operation and maintenance activities for over 160 MWp and is invested in 35 MWp of solar farms. Anton Milner, Managing Director of ib vogt GmbH, says “Our solar farms are highly optimised, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and top quality engineering and components. The farms are engineered, built and operated by our dedicated, professional teams. The standards we apply consistently result in high over-performance of our solar farms in both electricity generation and technical operating parameters, such as performance ratio and availability.” ib vogt is committed to long term growth in the international market and continues to expand its global activities. In the UK, the company has developed a significant project pipeline. A further 45 MWp is currently under construction with more projects due to commence in the fourth quarter of this year, and thereafter in 2015 under CfDs. Outside of Europe, the company is also strengthening its international position. The first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in South East Asia has been concluded for the construction of a 6.25 MWp diesel offset project – to date one of the world’s largest such applications of its kind. The construction is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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